Signature Stamp


  • Handmade in house
  • High-Quality


Rectangular Self Inking Stamp:  2-3/8” x 7/8” (58 x 22mm)

Rectangular Self Inking Stamp:  1-7/8” x 3/4” (47 x 18mm)

Rectangular Self Inking Stamp:  1-1/2” x 9/16” (38 x 14 mm)

Colour Options: Black, Blue, Red, Green, Purple



  1. Choose Stamp Font Style
  2. Choose your Stamp Size
  3. Select your Stamp Colour
  4. Personalize It

Use the “Personalization Box” or “Notes to Seller” to let us know the details of your stamp. Please Copy and Paste the below template:

Line 1: Name: Sally Johannson

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Custom Signature Stamps allow you to sign documents without having to write your name on every single one. They will make any signature easy to read, professional and consistent. Our Signature stamps are commonly used in various professional settings where repetitive signing is required. For example, in business environments, they can be used for authorizing documents, signing checks, approving invoices, or endorsing correspondence. They can also be utilized by individuals who have physical limitations that make it difficult to sign their name consistently or with ease. Stop Writing – Start Stamping.

Stamp Size

3/4” x 1-7/8” (18 x 47mm), 7/8" x 2-3/8” (22 x 58mm), 9/16” x 1-1/2 (14 x 38 mm)

Stamp Font Style

Adam Jackson, Anne Miller, Anthony Wilson, Ashleigh Chan, Charlotte Adams, Chloe Williams, Kiera Campbell, Liam Murphy, Lisa Simpson, Maria Davis, Noah Davis, Oliver Harris, Olivia Garcia, Robert Mitchell, Taylor Smith, Victoria Hill

Stamp Colour

Black, Blue, Green, Purple, Red


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Signature Stamp
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